You can order photos on the eShop.

Photos from the race you can order the new eShop (Do not worry with the subject of the order, the amount in the basket is always 0 EUR, sending turnover rates), again is ready to more competitively priced package of photos of one dog.

 You can order photos on the eShop. Photo price is depending on the event from which U want. You can order a pack all available photos of your dog. Photos will be send after time when the payment will be credited to my bank account, photo is in full resolution. You will receive a two versions of the photos, one for presentation on the website or Facebook and second one for printing.






Shooting pets in atelier

Taking pictures of dogs, cats and other pets. For this price you'll get about 20-30 professionally edited photos.

(By taking picture of one pet only there will be a lesser amount of pictures, by taking pictures of more pets there will be more pictures.)

Usually is one hour for one pet enough and two hours for more pets. Depends on difficulty and obedience of your pets.

1000,- Kč / hour


Shooting in exterior

Taking pictures of dogs, cats, horses, predators and other animals. For this price you'll get about 50 professionally edited photos.

Usually is one hour enough. Depending on difficulty, obedience and amount of animals. Everything has to be planned with weather conditions in mind. I selected some really beautiful places near Prague for shootings. Get the pictures which will decorate your house for ages.


Shooting is also possible outside of Prague. I am regularly travelling to Slovakia as well.

1000,- Kč / hour


Price list is by request. Prices differ by amount of photos and by distance from Prague.

Fare outside of Prague: 5,-Kč/km